Farmstand & U-pick Open for Summer Hours!

The Valley Flora Farmstand & U-pick is Open for Summer Hours!


Every Wednesday & Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm, starting June 1st!


U-Pick Special Right Now!

The rain damaged some of the ripe strawberries, so in an effort to get the berry patch back in shape we're offering this deal:

Pick one bucket (we provide the bucket) of yucky berries and get:

  • 5 pounds of strawberries for FREE!
  • OR, get 1/2 price on any quantity of berries up to 5 pounds

If you want to pick more than one bucket of yuck, you can have 5 pounds free for every bucket you bring back to us. Don't want to take all your free berries home at once? We'll happily give you credit for future berry picking at the farm.


Hope to see you up the creek!