Farmstand Switches to Fall Hours on October 3rd!

Dark mornings, cold nights, fall is here! As of Wednesday, October 3rd, the farmstand will begin operating on fall hours: every Wednesday and Saturday from 10-2 (instead of 9-2). We'll stay open for Saturdays as long as the weather holds up, through October, but will switch to Wednesday-only winter hours by November. The produce is as diverse and colorful as it gets these days as summer and fall collide in a riot of food.

Fall Hours: Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 to 2 pm, rain or shine!

We've opened the New Nine field across the road to strawberry u-pick! The new berry patch is still pumping and the fruit is big and beautiful right now! If you want to pick in the new field, check in at the farmstand first so we can weigh your containers. Please return to the farmstand at the end of your visit to weigh and pay.

Please remember to only pick within the roped off area - don't cross the white fence. Also, please don't pick anything but strawberries in the New Nine (the flowers and veggies are not for u-pick in that field). The second year berry patch near the farmstand is still open for u-pick as well.

There are u-pick flowers near the farmstand; the dahlias are blooming along with an array of other cut flowers that you are welcome to harvest. Check in at the farmstand for clippers and u-pick flower tubes.

To find us, follow directions to the farmstand.

Hope to see you up the creek!