Strawberry and Flower U-Pick are Open every Wednesday and Saturday!

What better way to celebrate summer!

Our strawberry u-pick is open every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 11:30 am until 2:30 pm, or until the patch is picked out, whichever happens first. The u-pick will be open only as long as there is ripe fruit to pick each day; once it's picked out we will close. Apologies that we can't promise an exact range of open picking hours. If you're traveling a ways to get to us, we recommend coming at the front end of our open hours. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS TO CARRY YOUR FRUIT HOME IN!

Our flower u-pick is open from 11:30 until 2:30 during our farmstand hours. We provide clippers and PVC tubes: small tubes are $3.50 each for any combination of stems; large tubes are $9 each for any combination of stems. Right now we have limited dahlias, rudbeckia, statice, and dianthus, and ample zinnias, sunflowers, yarrow, marigolds, strawflower, and cosmos. It's always a good idea to bring a bucket to carry your flowers home in so they don't wilt in transit.

Strawberry Fever burns hot in June and July and the berry patch can get picked out very quickly some days. Here's some useful information that should help you get enough strawberries in your belly and freezer this season:

We grow a strawberry called "Seascape." It's a day neutral variety, which means it's triggered by temperature to make fruit (in contrast to June-bearing varieties, which are triggered by day length). The plants will set fruit so long as the temps are between 40 and 90 degrees, no matter what month it is, which means they tend to produce reliably for us from June through September. All to say, we have strawberries ALL SUMMER not just in June (and in fact June tends to be the most volatile month given the higher chance for rain, which damages the fruit). Our u-pick, once it opens, will be open every Wednesday and Saturday through September. Given that strawberry fever tends to rage hottest in June and July, we always suggest that folks wait until August and September to come do their big freezer-filling, jam-making pick. Competition for ripe berries can be intense at the start of the season, and often the patch gets picked out within an hour of opening. The craze usually eases up a little later in the season and the fruit actually gets sweeter as the summer goes on, which means late summer/early fall is a great time to get your fill.

That said, there's no denying the thrill of picking the first big, red berries of the season and making a deep dish of strawberry rhubarb crisp. Just know that the Valley Flora strawberry season is long and abundant and there is enough for everyone so long as you spread your u-picking out over the whole summer. Abundance, not scarcity. It's so much better to live in that paradigm!

The details:

  • For the month of September, we offer a strawberry special: $3/lb instead of $3.25/lb.
  • We provide a certified scale for weighing out.
  • PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS TO CARRY YOUR FRUIT HOME IN! We have a limited supply of 1 gallon buckets for picking into, but need you to bring a box/bag/basket/bin to take your fruit home in.
  • We accept cash, checks and Farm Direct Nutrition coupons as payment. We cannot run credit cards due to our rural, offline location.
  • Please park nose-in at the pull-out. Do not block the farm entrance and do not drive into the field.
  • No pets
  • No smoking
  • No potable water available.
  • Leave no trace: please take your trash home with you.

Have fun!