CSA Newsletter: Week 17 from Valley Flora!

Please note this is NOT our farmstand availability email. This is our weekly CSA newlsetter primarily intended for our subscribed Harvest Basket members who receive a weekly box of produce from the farm from June through December. You cannot order farmstand produce from this email or directly from our website. Rather, farmstand availability emails are sent out on Thursday and Monday mornings to folks who have signed up for Wednesday or Saturday pickup, respectively. To learn more or sign up for a farmstand pickup day, click here.

  • Carrots
  • Eggplant - lots this week! Consider making a batch of baba ganoush! It freezes well for later.
  • Leeks 
  • Lettuce
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Purple Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale

On Rotation:

  • Sweet Corn - Heads up, this is our final harvest of corn and predictably there is corn ear worm in some of the ears. Corn ear worm is the larva of the moth Helicoverpa zea. We always have them in our latest plantings of corn. Even though they are gross to behold when you peel back your corn husks (your chickens will love that big fat caterpillar!), the problem is easy to solve: whack the tip off the ear of corn, give it a rinse, and your'e good to go. You can do this! 

Happy Fall!

Quite fittingly, Fall is off to a stormy start today. You have potatoes and leeks in your basket so you can make soup and get cozy. It'll be a fleeting taste of autumn though - temps are supposed to spike back into the eighties next week. But at least until Friday you can pull out your plaid flannel, stack some wood, and watch the rain come down. Kinda like a pratice round for the next season to come. On the farm it means we might finally get the rest of our onions cleaned (we've been waiting for a rainy day) and make some more progress on the new horse shed. We've taken advantage of every possible sunny moment in the last week to get winter squash and potatoes out of the field, but those things will get put on hold while it's wet. It's turning out to be a great season for our storage crops - onions, potatoes and squash - which bodes well for the fall and winter to come. The only issue is figuring out where to put them all in the barn!

Strawberry U-Pick is Closed this Week

We are hitting pause on u-pick due to the weather. The patch will be closed this week on Wednesday 9/23 and Saturday 9/26. We'll reassess next week with the return of sunny weather to see if we can eek out a few more u-pick days before the season is over for good.

Have a lovely week, savor the rain.

The new Palacio de Caballo (Horse Palace): Not done quite in time for this week's rain, but soon enough!