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CSA Newsletter: Week 16 from Valley Flora!

Please note this is NOT our farmstand availability email. This is our weekly CSA newlsetter primarily intended for our subscribed Harvest Basket members who receive a weekly box of produce from the farm from June through December. You cannot order farmstand produce from this email or directly from our website. Rather, farmstand availability emails are sent out on Thursday and Monday mornings to folks who have signed up for Wednesday or Saturday pickup, respectively. To learn more or sign up for a farmstand pickup day, click here.

  • Napa Cabbage - the foundational ingredient in kimchi, but also wonderful shredded into light slaw or salad. At this time of year when we have sweet peppers and apples, I like to make a napa/apple/pepper/carrot slaw with a rice-vinegar vinaigrette.
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Corn
  • Lettuce
  • Yellow Onion
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Beets - Red, Gold and Chioggia
  • Strawberries - we are stunned by the strawberries right now. Abundant, beautiful, better than ever! Normally there wouldn't be strawberries in the Harvest Basket at this point in the season, but they just keep giving! U-pick is going to be FANTASTIC today (Wednesday)!
  • Cucumbers

On Rotation:

  • Eggplant

I can't believe it, but yes, still strawberries! We are a bit baffled by this late season run in the berry patch - we haven't seen anything like this in years! If we get our much-hoped-for rain later this week it might start to slow them down, but right now they are phenomenal. Come upick today, starting at 11 am! And if you want a special order flat, let me know and we'll see if the weather cooperates: name, pickup location, number of flats and phone number.

Peppers Peaking: Now's the time to order up a few bags of red Italian roasters or assorted colored bells. Peppers are available in 5 pound bags for $22. To order, email Bets your name, pickup location, type and quantity of peppers you want, and a phone number. 

Help Support Farmworkers and Immigrants Impacted by the Devastating Wildfires: The wildfires have affected us all, but many of us are lucky enough to still have a home to go to. That's not the case for many immigrant Oregonians who tend to be most impacted by the smoke, have lost everything and don't have a safety net to fall into. In recognition of the devastating effects that wildfires have had on immigrant Oregonians, the Oregon Worker Relief Fund Coalition is pivoting to raise and distribute funds to impacted individuals and families. You can donate to their effort through CAUSA, Oregon's immigrant rights organization.

Strength and safekeeping to everyone in the terrifying path of fire right now, and to all those coping with hazardous air quality. We give thanks for clear air overhead today, temporary as it might be. Come on rain!


Strawberry U-Pick Closed this Week Due to Rain (Sept 23 & Sept 26)

We are hitting pause on the strawberry u-pick due to the rain this week. We may be able to reopen for the last bit of September/early October if the sun returns in earnest to ripen up some Fall berries. Stay tuned for updates here on our website and on Instagram/Facebook. Happy Fall!

The strawberries keep surprising us. We've had our best harvest of the year in the past couple of weeks, go figure in mid-September! We've opened up lots of beds for u-pick and the fruit is big, sweet and deep red. Now's the time to fill the freezer and make jam!

The U-pick is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 11 am until 2:30 pm, or until the patch is picked out. If the berries get picked out before 2:30 pm, we will close early. Apologies that we can't promise an exact range of open picking hours. If you are traveling a distance to the farm and you are hoping to do a big pick, we recommend getting to the farm at 11 to guarantee there will be enough berries to justify your trip. 

Inside Tip: We usually have more beds open for u-pick on Wednesdays than on Saturdays. That's because the berries have one more day to ripen over the weekend so there is more fruit to go around on Wednesday.

Remember that our strawberry season goes ALL SUMMER LONG, into September! We mainly grow a day-neutral variety called Seascape that yields from May until the fall rains arrive in earnest. It's a long, lovely season so there is ample time to fill your freezer and your belly!

Keep in mind that we will be implementing some new policies to keep everyone safe in the strawberry patch this season in the context of COVID-19:

  • Face masks will be required for all u-pickers, including children over the age of 2. We will have handsewn facemasks available for purchase at the u-pick if you do not have your own.
  • The u-pick stand will be set up in our field opposite the original farmstand this season with a dedicated person staffing it. Please park nose-in in the designated parking area on the left just after you cross the bridge over Floras Creek.
  • Everyone will be required to wash their hands before entering the strawberry patch and before checking out. We have handwashing facilities for your use in the field.
  • We will be limiting the number of people in the field at any one time to one group per row, so you may experience some wait time when you arrive until a row opens up - kind of like waiting for a bowling lane :). If the patch is full when you arrive, please give Sarah, our u-pick manager, your name so she can put you on the waiting list. She will call your name when a row opens up. 
  • We're requiring all pickers to use our lined buckets for harvest; no outside containers for harvest please. Once your berries are weighed and paid for we can transfer them into your own containers to carry home.

Strawberries are $3/pound.

We accept cash, check and Farm Direct Nutrition Program coupons only; we cannot process credit cards or Oregon Trail cards in the field due to our rural, offline location.

Please leave no trace: take all garbage and personal items home with you.

No pets allowed.

Thanks for respecting these guidelines, and happy picking!


New Drive-Thru Farmstand System: Sign Up for Your Pickup Day!

Due to COVID-19, our farmstand has switched to an online, pre-order, drive-thru pickup system at our barn. There is no longer any open-air, drop-in shopping. Please follow the instructions below if you want to order through our new online system.

Please note: you cannot order farmstand produce directly off our website. You need to first sign up for a pickup day - Wednesday or Saturday or both - using the instructions and link below. After you do that, you'll start receiving our weekly farmstand availability emails which will allow you to order through Cropolis, the online sales platfrom we are now using. Don't worry, it's easy and quick :)

  • Step 1: To receive our weekly produce availability emails, you must first sign up for Wednesday and/or Saturday Farmstand Pickup.  It's simple and easy on our website: just select which day(s) you want to pick up your produce this season (Wednesday, Saturday or both), go through the quick online "checkout" process, and submit your "order." You do not need an account to sign up and there is no charge to sign up; we're simply using our webstore as a tool to gather your email so we can then send you the produce availability list for your pickup day. You will receive a confirmation email once you submit your order; if you don't get one check your junk/spam folder. If you can't find it, it means you didn't complete the checkout process and need to go back and resubmit your order. 
  • Step 2: Once you sign up for your pickup day(s), you will start to receive our weekly availability emails. We send out an availability email on Monday mornings for the following Saturday farmstand drive-thru and on Thursday mornings for the following Wednesday farmstand drive-thru. The email will have an embedded "place order" link, which will take you into Cropolis, the online sales platform we are using. You will submit your order via Cropolis by the ordering deadline (before midnight on Wednesday for the Saturday farmstand; before midnight on Sunday for the Wednesday farmstand). The system is simple and user friendly and does not require an account or password.
  • We will harvest and pack to order. Orders wil be ready for drive-thru pickup at our barn on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11:30 to 2:30 pm. The drive-thru will close at 2:30; late-pickup is not an option. 
  • There may be add-ons available for purchase at the drive-thru if you want to buy any additional produce.
  • We accept cash, check and Farm Direct Nutrition Program coupons as payment. Please do not make your check out in advance in case there are any changes to your order or you decide to purchase add-on produce.
  • Produce orders will be packed in the order they were received, so you may not get all the items you ordered if we run out of a given thing. We’ll do our best!

To sign up for Wednesday or Saturday Pickup, click here. 

Thanks for your support of the farm through this challenging time. We're here to support your good health in every way we can!


Valley Flora - Growing Good Food for Local Folks

Valley Flora is a mother-and-two-daughter collective nestled on the banks of Floras Creek near Langlois, Oregon. Together, we grow hundreds of varieties of vegetables, berries and fruit to feed our local coastal community year-round. Our farm was founded in 1998 with a deep commitment to ecological and organic farming practices and our passion is growing good food with an eye towards the artful. Our love of this beautiful valley – the fertile loam and the river that runs through it - inspires us to farm with the next generation in mind, and the next. We rely on crop diversity, compost, cover crops, and crop rotation to keep our farm healthy and thriving both above and below ground. Although we have chosen not to pursue organic certification, we adhere to all organic standards and production practices. With the help of our draft horses, a handful of fantastic employees, and one little tractor, we are grateful to call this our life and our livelihood (we love what we do - so much you can taste it!). Thank you for supporting small family farms like ours!  


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