Strawberry U-Pick is Open!

The berry patch is still coming into full production so fruit is somewhat limited right now. We anticipate our highest yields will come later in July into September, so plan accordingly to stock your freezer and make jam!

We are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Gate opens at 11:30 am, until the patch is picked out. That's happening within an hour or so right now, because strawberry fever is running hot and the early-season berries are limited. Be forewarned we could be picked out by 12:30 in June and early July. Strawberry "stampede" or "derby" might be more appropriate monikers for the u-pick at this time of year. :)

The great news is that we grow a variety called "Seascape" that yields ALL SUMMER LONG, into October, and the berries get more and more abundant as the summer goes on. That means there is ample opportunity to get your fill. If you want to stock your freezer or have a mellower u-pick experience, come later in the season - August and September are great!

We provide harvest buckets but please bring your own containers to take your berries home in. You can pay for your fruit with cash, check, or Farm Direct coupons (no credit cards).