Week 8 of Winter/Spring from Valley Flora!

  • Spring Lettuce Mix
  • Arugula
  • Bunched Spinach
  • Cebollitas
  • Micro Mix
  • Potatoes
  • Green Cabbage
  • Shallots
  • Red Bets
  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli & Spring Raab

On Rotation:

  • Caulliflower

If our wifi signal was a little stronger here at the farm today, I'd be attaching a photo that might make you ponder the order of things at Valley Flora: picture the whole crew bent over in the field, five hours into a marathon day of transplanting. The ground is freshly turned, each of us doubled over at the waist, trowels flying like pistons as we chip away at the 7,000 seedlings that are going into the ground on this first day of our outdoor planting season. Meanwhile in the foreground: a black Lab lying fully sprawled on the back of the flatbed amidst scattered half-empty transplant trays and crew water bottles, her head draped over the edge of the truck in our direction. The look she is casting at the camera is one of purest indolence, as if to say, "All this, for kale?"

Yes, Juno, all this for kale. And for chard and collards and lettuce and pac choi and beets and peas and favas and radishes and turnips and even for that one vegetable you genuinely love, carrots. (It is a good thing, by the way, that your farmers here at Valley Flora are not dogs because if we were your CSA membership would consist of paying us to mostly lie around all day, dig holes, swim in the creek, and maybe, occasionally, once in a very blue moon, do something useful by catching a field mouse for you.)

Instead your human farmers have been taking full advantage of this sunny spell to kick the season off with gusto, rapidly transforming the farm into row upon planted row of early crops that will be making their way into summer CSA baskets in six short weeks (spring is the antithesis of indolence when you file a Schedule F for a living)! Meanwhile, our winter CSA members are starting to see some signature seasonal edibles in their share right now - arugula and spring lettuce mix - and will soon be dining on tender fava greens and artichokes. All the while the farm dogs snooze in the shade, perhaps vaguely mystified at the hustle-bustle. But then again, why ask questions when the napping is ample and the kibble is sin fin?

Happy spring, whether you are out there napping or out there bustling.